SRV Little Wing

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By: intheblues
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Created: August 20, 2014

Compatibility: Mustang™ (V.2), Mustang™

Tags: #4Little WingMustang MondaySRVStevie Ray Vaughanintheblues

Blues,  Rock



Custom Stevie Ray Vaughan Little Wing Preset by Shane @ intheblues on YouTube. This is part of my Mustang Monday Series For a new upload each and every monday Subscribe to my YouTube channel

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Posted by 76 Corvette
on 04/19/2018 03:02pm

Awesome Preset, Thanks Shane!

Posted by shadeslanding
on 06/18/2016 01:45pm

I really like the sound. I think you nailed it.

Posted by st-thiel
on 05/31/2016 07:48am


Posted by Paddy Mapleneck
on 10/19/2015 11:24am

I dialed back the grit & middle a bit, spooked the treble up, I still miss my Black face 64 Super on 7, with a vintage Dynacomp. There ain't no p[reset for that, and I've had the Mustang for 8 months, I'd have found it by now.

Posted by sctrotts
on 02/25/2015 02:06pm


Posted by theactionisgo
on 01/27/2015 05:33pm


Posted by pamacu63
on 12/05/2014 12:35pm

Great Sound

Posted by Shaheen
on 10/22/2014 10:22am

this is great! Thanks!

Posted by i8chillywilly
on 08/28/2014 01:30pm

Shane hit another home run with this. As good as the SS patch he made! Excellent job.

Posted by Showlen
on 08/25/2014 06:06pm

Like I said, you're an artist w/ these patches! Thank you!

Posted by billgeorge
on 08/20/2014 07:14pm

I like this pre-set alot...the echo gives you lots of time to do some up and down the fretboard runs and to go a little Crazy !!! Good Job !!!