`1. Synth of Legends

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By: seven8nine
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Created: February 6, 2016

Compatibility: Mustang™ (V.2), Mustang™

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Alternative,  Electronic,  Indie



The most super synthy stuff evar. Such 80's, much synth.

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Posted by Anthony Yeo
on 06/16/2019 10:05am

to much distortion sounds like your playing on a cheap amp made out of cardboard and school glue

Posted by pewtergod
on 10/22/2016 10:00pm


Posted by Dunkits
on 10/19/2016 01:02pm

Really nice setup, makes your guitar really stand out for hot solos or a unique sound for a different sounding track. Well put together and sounds good through different settings on my guitar.

Posted by flobo56
on 10/11/2016 08:45am

wich is its file format?? How can I open it with?

Posted by Christopher Hammer
on 10/09/2016 09:22am

thank you, its really good!

Posted by Eduardo BRIAN
on 09/05/2016 05:21pm

I like it. Well done, I like the distortion and vibes. I just added it a little bit of more bass on top. It's just me to add my own touch. Keep up that good work. Cheers........

Posted by Darek L
on 07/12/2016 11:24am

I like it!

Posted by Richardteran7
on 04/22/2016 07:08pm

I like it!