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By: mulvaneyr
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Created: September 25, 2010

Compatibility: Mustang™, Mustang™ (V.2), Passport® mini

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Posted by CodKing
on 05/10/2019 08:30pm

Shows this community never really took off if this is one of the highest rated presets. no offence to the creator

Posted by haaifrenzie
on 04/22/2019 11:37am

oke i do

Posted by Mr.Ledesma
on 12/17/2018 05:05pm

just downloaded can't wait. Good friend of mine swears I'll enjoy it.

Posted by tjoe81
on 03/12/2018 04:17pm

if you cant read the user manule, you will never get it, as in using all the amp offers, i have had a mustang for a few years, i still use the manule, and if you cant read it the pc can read it to you, hmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,, "O" the preset sounds good, cant wait to use it,,,,,,,,,,

Posted by tjoe81
on 02/22/2018 05:19pm

OMG, people if you cant figure out how to down load these presets, READ THE USER MANULE, you mite learn something, but hey the is and old saying "you cant fix stupid",,,,,,,,,,,,,, first thing you should do before pluging it in, read the manule,,,,

Posted by Leo2877
on 01/25/2018 11:02am

Stevie Ray vaughan

Posted by Mandik
on 12/09/2017 12:29pm


Posted by Kommetjie
on 11/12/2017 07:41pm

Nice one, thank you.

Posted by Moonlight1
on 09/27/2017 12:27pm

downloads great with windows 10 sounds good.great amp for money.loud enough for small gig.

Posted by Poppa1
on 07/20/2017 10:50am

havent tried it yet,Just downloaded it to pc.

Posted by Mothman
on 07/12/2017 02:06pm

I dont know why you guys are having problems. You have to be logged in first and the DOWNLOAD button will become active. Click download an a box should pop up showing where you want to save it to on your computer, select where you want it saved and click save or open whatever it says, once down loaded go to Fuse program and click import and then you find where you saved it to and select the file. click save in the Fuse program and specifiy what number you want it in. should be no problems. Im using Windows 8 with no probs

Posted by 77bears
on 04/26/2017 09:09am

Got to same thing happening on my new Mac Book Pro I can't download amp settings or the band tracks Adobe is blocking me even after I downloaded it twice.... Gone into my security settings unlocked everything I can think of... Running as an administrator... Tried downloading with the AMP plugged in, AMP unplugged... Went to the site by itself not through the program... Come same thing... Can't download anything... It was a miracle I even got the program installed..... I'm running VMwere and Windows 7 on my Mac... Download the program and the Silverlight And Adobe and still not able to download the programs... So I deleted it from Windows because it runs much faster and better on the Mac.... Why can I just download these things put them in a folder and access them through the program? Like it shows you're supposed to be able to.... Well sorry for the long rant.... Looks like I'm just going to have to forget about it

Posted by everydaysabonus
on 04/06/2017 05:38am

I’d love to comment on this preset but fuse doesn’t like my top of the range apple laptop….. trying to download anything and all i get are warnings about virus and nothing else……it’s a load of shit……the amp is nothing more than a bedroom amp you can******about all you like it is just cheap crap…..i am convinced all these people giving rave reviews have either got them for nothing or work for fender…….wasted hours on this fuse….SHITE

Posted by taylorGlenn
on 04/05/2017 05:23am


Posted by ironhyer
on 03/22/2017 12:03pm

who can like it , can't download it to find out

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