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By: Fender
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Created: April 5, 2010

Compatibility: G-DEC® 3

Tags: Arena ReverbBlackface Drive amp typeJeff Beckdelayflanger

Ballad,  Gospel,  Rock



Jeff played the opening chords to "People Get Ready" when we set up this preset. It's got a "rock-n-roll clean tone" with Blackface Drive amp type, Arena Reverb, and very subtle delay and flanger effects added.

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Posted by zelda2000
on 11/17/2017 07:29pm

Yes any thing Jeff Beck is good nice sound

Posted by peteman909
on 02/28/2017 07:59pm

yes very cool nice clean

Posted by Bluesy
on 08/12/2012 12:13pm

Same for me Invalid file. It works with the USB and fender fuse software, however it does not work with the SD card connected directly to the G-DEC. Several files do the same error (about 25%) of what I have downloaded. I think this needs a fix.

on 06/11/2011 09:45pm

I liked this tone--but I had to scroll the presets to get the best of the bunch.

Posted by taylorplayer40
on 10/14/2010 06:45pm

I can't get this one to work, like many others it says invalid file. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? I have gotten very few presets to work. Most say invalid file.

Posted by Rich Fish 101
on 09/23/2010 12:19pm

This is a pretty good tone if you like a more sweet, clean tones. This is the king of all clean tones

Posted by Loganpenn
on 05/29/2010 09:31am

Sweet Clean Tone

Posted by Tiger???
on 05/24/2010 08:39am

I do like this sound and it works on my G-DEC 3, unlike the other Jeff Beck Presets.