Blues Shuffle E1 (stereo)

By: Fender

Created: May 25, 2010

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Posted by gospelbluesman
on 12/26/2019 09:06pm

26 seconds only

Posted by gospelbluesman
on 12/26/2019 09:03pm

Broken Link

Posted by MustangMusicCompany
on 09/23/2018 07:06pm

I would like to hear it before I download it.

Posted by Moudi
on 03/18/2018 02:31pm

well I guess it worked 3 years ago when Fender cared about this stuff. im on my 2nd Stang4 got my first one when they first came out. The soft ware was ok then. Now I have to jump through hoops just for regular presets. Forget about band tracks. There isn't any info anywhere. Just no consideration. I have a Strat and a tele. They Work!

Posted by HPCR X2
on 12/10/2017 05:18pm


Posted by RedruMManiaC
on 09/23/2017 08:03am

Same problem as Ofblack.

Posted by Ofblack
on 09/04/2017 02:27am

Download don't works for me. When I click on the "Download" button it switch to "Preparing" and then back to "Download", and nothing happen. What's wrong?

Posted by Vitaldo
on 08/01/2017 03:07am

hi, my downloaded file is only 6KB and not 4.4MB !? how i can download all file ?

Posted by rcleve1r
on 07/21/2017 11:44pm

One of my most used

Posted by Kixkstand
on 05/28/2017 11:55pm

Why won't the band tracks play on my computer?

Posted by Ken W
on 05/12/2017 10:09am

What the heck is this? Twenty six seconds?

Posted by R Dell
on 04/06/2017 03:42pm


Posted by CODE RED
on 03/15/2017 11:33pm


Posted by gogogetty
on 11/19/2016 06:33pm

I like it

Posted by Louderr57
on 11/16/2016 01:39pm

Nice Blues track